Summer Project Youth

What is SPY?

Summer Project Youth—better known as SPYis a mission outreach that is operated by Fieldstone UMC and housed in our building during the summer. Students from throughout the country (and as far away as Brazil!) come to spend one week at a time performing community service and growing in Christ together. The combined efforts of the groups that come each week through the summer add up to make a huge impact changing peoples' lives. 

What do we actually do?

SPY is a week-long mission adventure for middle and high school students and adults. Physically, we are a home repair ministry, making homes safer, warmer and drier, for families in the New River Valley. Spiritually, we seek to be God's hands and feet in the world. Because of God's love for us, we are working to love others in tangible ways.

History & more info

Over ten years ago, some dreamers and friends got together and decided to do something crazy for God. Part of that craziness was creating a work-camp that gave both middle and high school youth the opportunity to serve God and help others. SPY was created to change lives. SPY was created to be an agent of change in local homes and our community. SPY was created to make homes warmer, safer and drier. 

Over the years we have done everything from cleaning trash out of backyards to building a sixty-foot long bridge across a ravine so the ambulance could get through. We believe in stretching our campers, meeting the needs of our community and being God's hands and feet. Over time things have changed and our camp has evolved. We still do the home repairs... but we have added a few features.

As we become aware of needs in the community, and as opportunities present themselves, growing in our understanding of God's call for the Fieldstone Community, we have provided a community garden, a children's day camp, a food pantry, junior staff opportunities, and more! We give thanks for the dreamers who helped us get here and we thank God for you as we serve the New River Valley together!  

Come and make an impact! Come and help transform the community and be transformed!  

SPY 2020

SPY will be taking a break during 2019 while we rebrand, revamp, and plan to relaunch with "SPY 2020" next year.  Check back here for more updates on what we're planning!